land of oz hit with epic flood…

these self-imposed images
of munchkins singing merrily
ding-dong the witch is dead
do nothing to end the nightmare
do they permit me to
click ruby slippers together
three times
raising the dead
breathing new life
into the ashen forms
that linger in the shadows
of skyscrapers
it seems to me
those clicking sounds
resemble wangled buttons
being pushed
in a voting booth
cameras capturing
kodak moments
to hang on the walls
of bank owned houses
back in kansas
it really doesn’t matter
just sit back and watch
the graphic scenes
on the big screen
you’re the resident wizard
of oz
vicariously the bravery
of others
it’s just too bad
the whole thing
couldn’t have been handled
like before
with a bucket of water
that was tried
biblically before
and greed
from the depths
of human souls
never mind
the replay button


i remember some of it…

i remember
longing for those
random expectations
of spring
a new bird’s song
the tip of green
from beneath the snow
how the sound
of boots soften
when crossing the field
or water
moving quickly
carving ice sculptures
along the stream bed
I remember
longing for some
random expectations
for peace
the spring
i am still
waiting on

the toy…


the box
flying above
a cascading
electronic sounds
of crescendoing water
flew a butterfly
without wings
because flight
upon wings

lovers’ quarrel…

i watched
as the hawk
struck her prey
but it scurried
injured into the brush
the hawk soared high
into the parched noonday sky
patiently waiting for its return
for she knew
this was
the only place
for water


when spirits touch…

A Duel Poem
 River Urke & Charles Martin

the call of a lone wolf
through the deepest corners
of the northern forest
a sound so primeval
from a forgotten soul
a wanderer of time
a time before men
walked the mossy path
alone, separated
and divided from all
now their relative calls
out their names
pleading for them
to return to the old ways
when men knew their brothers
and walked with their sisters
a time they lived side by side
no blades between or
tar soaked earth
only the warmth of love
for one another
a deep respect
for all who shared this place
and walked upon this path
a thousand miles far
the call of a lone wolf
resonates, passing through
earth, water, fire, and air
a girl lifts her ears
and speaks to the wind
brother I hear you
your voice is my voice
your sadness is mine
the lone wolf replies
young one, I carry
too heavy a burden
for your soft back
the girl smiles
and says to the old one
then let us do as before
and share the burden’s
of this world

Once again River Urke and I have entered into a duel poetry challenge and this is the resulting poem.  Duel Poetry a prearranged poetry writing challenge  between two people to evolve a new poem where each writer must respond to the other writer’s lines  (4 -5 ) until both parties agree that the poem is complete.

not that there’s a problem…

twenty years ago
the land that we’re standing on
wasn’t a desert
but i don’t bring this up
for any particular reason
not that there’s a problem
and once the desert fox
roamed freely these sand dunes
eating locust and rodents
that could decimate a family’s farm and health
but its fur is just too hard to resist
soft and cuddly as a new born child
so now they say it’s endangered
but don’t get me wrong
i’m not one of those
tree huggers or anything
i was just wondering about it
not that there’s a problem
and for some unknown reason
i was thinking about how one
could build a new hotel on the edge of the sahara
where each room uses enough water
for a family’s small garden
but heaven knows
i don’t want anything to change
my personal comfort
should come first
just a random thought or two
from an old man
who’s got nothing else to do
not that there’s a problem
more than likely it’s just some
hyped-up media story
printed on recycled paper

a child’s thought bout de water…


wading in the water
wading in the water children
wading in the water
god’s gonna trouble the water
       this don’t make no sense at all
       how’s god gonna trouble the water
       is he gonna make it glow
           or perhaps he’ll just make it swirl
       i don’t understand this at all
       only thing i know for sure
           is the water is cold
       and they expect me to believe
            that being baptized is something more
        than being cold and wet