come sunrise…

copyright 2012 cwmartin

brash verbal bait
before the noses
of over-confident youths
challenging them
to prove
to their
fair maiden
their worth
as a man
by knocking down
some cans
or other
magnetic item
all the while
carnival rides
play popular songs
with that tinseled
nickelodeon sound
like the voices
of politicians
a campaign
to the masses
with melodic tunes
heard before
replayed in such a way
it’s hard
to discern
the words
words like
i want it
i want it
painted black
black as night
as night ends
dreams litter
the midway
in their true form
like the lies
that litter
our lives
the vote

dear registered voter…

the voting commission
regrets to inform you
that your request
for further information
on the candidates
based on the
freedom of  information act
has been denied
the commission
wishes to remind you
that press photos
of each of the candidates
have been provided
with some photoshopping
by the respective campaign offices
we must remind you
candidates also have rights
revealing their political affiliation
agenda if elected
level of experience governing
or their true idenity
would place the candidates
in jeopardy
risk of lost votes
further you
as a member of the voting public
do not have the appropriate
security clearance
for that level of information
we recommend
that you study carefully
the press photos of the candidates
their family
and pets
and make your selection
as you have done
in the past

voting for a killdeer…


lies do not hide in the shadows
they stand in plain sight
knowing that you would not suspect
that they would stand so close to the truth
they know you’ve been trained
to avoid the avoiders
so they meet you head on
admitting to weaknesses
contrived for the conversation
so as to impart to you
some sense of power over them
knowing all the while
you do not matter
nor will you even care
when this day is done
cast your vote
kiss my ring
and lets
be done with this


Image of Kill Deer from Google

let them die…

throw them in the fire
they are just dead wood
broken splinters found along highways
and inner city byways
all political wars have victims
this one is no different
why should social change
come at your expense
forget the cost-benefit-ratio of prevention
register my prosy vote
along with yours so cast
to save your political career
i accept your modest proposal
throw them in the fire
they’re not our children anyway