a poem to write..

a poem to write

i shall not write
of stars
skies filled
with dreams
caught upon
a lover’s breath
i shall write
of other things
voodoo and magic
things that go
boo in the night
what a glorious sight
to see you jump
with fear
a fear that
some god
is angry with you
has sent
some dark angel
to collect
a portion of payment
for your sins
i can see you
squirming now
as the dogs
begin to howl
your pulse quickens
and your blood
runs cold
through narrow veins
as you slowly
go insane with fear
oh what a night
oh what a sight
by the way

valentine’s day wish…

ooh… honey
i wish i was
one of those channeling folks
you know
that spiritualism thing
where i could have a civil conversation
with someone to help me write a love poem
but without that voodoo trance thing
lord knows i see that enough on sunday
but honey i would love that automatic writing
from someone like browning
or that mary shelly woman
to help me say
all the things you mean to me
that kind of materialization wouldn’t upset me
one little bit
just words of love flowing from my pen
but as you know
that ain’t gonna happen
so here’s your box of chocolates
same as last year
not the gift but the giver
oh…and i’m sorry bout the missing piece
but you know
how i love
chocolate covered


The above poem grew out of a question posed by Mirella . Vist her blog!