could we rock the walls of jericho …

could we rock the walls of jericho

play the music
heard as a child
melodies floating
on summer hours
while we
foolishly stare
into the sun
of loves to come
stumbling forth
tomorrow’s path
eyes squeezed tight
so as to
refine the focus
only to find
the blindness
to be permanent
we cannot
so we
continue to sing
what many
foolish songs
of faith
all the while
if our voices
could be heard
inside the walls
of heaven


the uncles
would say
that the spirits
walked upon
the earth at night
touching you
when your fears
became too great
they said
you could tell
when they were near
for the hounds
would cry
with voices not their own
voices of men
or women
who had been
prisoners upon this earth
chained to their days
in the fields of fear
beaten with whips
of promises of things to come
in the afterlife
streets of gold
virgin brides
eternal peace
but none
are real
they are but
passing glances
from an unrequited love
glances that led these souls
into the darkness of belief
where the only light
is from the embers of their souls
an embers
not bright enough
to show the way

drive time…

the greatest illusion
is that tomorrow
is assured
talking heads
headless voices
market this belief
like selling candy bars
with or without almonds
to everyone who will
to sugary visions of
no interest
for two years
low down payments
for the life of the loan
but loans
don’t have a life
so guess what
you’re on your own