image for a summer’s eve…

she would sing to you a night song
but she has forgotten the words
and she is uncertain about the tune
so she might speak to you if she can
but recall what words to speak
or perhaps she shall only stare at you
and hope that you can feel her thoughts
as you can feel the warmth of her hands
against the base of your neck

light rain and night songs…

so much of what we are is not seen
and all too often what is seen
is believed to be what we are
           and sometimes even to ourselves
but if you listen to the night songs
you will find beauty not from without
but from within these aging pattern of flesh
          it is not the singer but the song
and as i stood in evening’s light rain
my thoughts were of you and your song
of what i see and what you see
         and wondered how different the view
for what i see makes me warm inside
and settles the anger of the years
bringing night songs and soft rain
          where once there was only pain
once i would have tried so hard
to have you see as i see
but now i know to wait
          for within you is my song
and so i stand in light rain
feeling the tones of night songs
knowing something new about love
          that its tune never need be forced