gift of the cherub…

Challenge Photo from Toni Cross

i must admit
i was quite surprised
to see her there
bare feet residing
under a table twice her size
on a carpet of worn out grass
she appeared at ease
in this impromptu marketplace
offering only one item
to wanderers of this sidewalk
a pair of shoes
the finest
she had ever worn
according to the sales rep.
my inquiry into why
she would sell
such a fine personal item
was greeted with a smile
and carefully chosen words
any good salesperson
without bothering you with all the details
i can summarize it like this
lost job
no money for food
wanted to help
i paid twenty dollars
for the shoelaces
and told her
to take the shoes home
just in case
things got
looks like
things got


This is the second poem from me in the photo challenge between Toni Cross and I.  Toni’s first response to the challenge can be found here….I am certain that you will be as impressed as I was.

from my window…

from my window
i see a world
you do not see
i see madmen
in the street
selling candy-coated nightmares
on corporate auction blocks
for the mere price of your soul
and hear the sounds
streaming from city streets
that go unheard
when children cry
in the night
with parental fright
praying for morning’s light
to embrace the sight
of an unlocked door
into a world most fear
you did not hear
the shallow breaths of fear
throughout the night
like waves of tears
an unwanted
nor did you feel
the touch of love
that a poet knows
sometimes in dreams
sometimes savored
on passion’s bed
in a candle lit room
a love
have always
have not


My friend Toni Cross has presented another challenge photograph for me, but his one is very special since it is a photograph of her…how does one poet begin to capture even a fragment of another poet’s spirit within the lines of a poem?  Not sure that I have an answer…but here is my attempt to convey a some small portion of the spirit that I have seen in her writing.  I hope that she will approve of what I have attempted.

Challenge Poem Response from Toni Cross…

So first things first…here’s the link to Toni Cross’ poem which is the response to the photo that I sent her as part of our challenge to write a poem around each other’s photos.  As you can see by the photo that I provided her,  this was no easy task….I think you’ll just love what she has created for the photograph .

 So after such a wonderful poem by Toni…I had to think of something new to write about…decided not to talk about music for obvious reasons…so here’s what I came up with for today from me.

a perfect fit…

it slipped into
his hand so easily
as if it had been
made for him
but he had
fought this thought
and had been told
by those who teach
that it was wrong
but now
in his hand
religious justice
on his side
murder seemed
as natural
as making love
and felt
as good
when nailing those
who did not believe
like him
to a cross
a self-deification
with no questions

pandor’s jar…

Image by Toni Cross

as usual
missed the point
of what the gods
had said
it was
a jar
a box
nor do we know
whether it was the scent
apple blossoms
that tempted her
to open the it
but open it
she did
and into the world
poured the foul smells
of hate
and war
shaped as pools of tears
spinning beneath the jar
whirling into all times
a milkyway fear
and remorse
so she grasped the lid
and trapped hope within
and hid the jar
for fear
of what else
was within
but hope
was all that was left
and to this day
it remains within the jar
if we could
but find the jar
hope could be freed
and we
could be
as we
were meant
to be
of life’s

My friend Toni Cross presented a challenge to me today…’write a poem for this photo of mine’…I of course sent her one of my photos with the same challenge…above you find her photo and my poem.