shadow gypsies…


shadow gypsies
seeking asylum
from war’s certain death
walk among you
but you do not see
the scars of fear
nor the tracings of tears
tattooed upon their faces
you see only a threat
national security
job security
your way of life security
    a distorted image
    built upon a glowing self-worth
these gypsies
the walking dead
have left their graves
to find the fountain of freedom
written about in legend
a fable of true humanity
a legend you believed
but that was before so many wars
so many gypsies
seeking asylum
your shores
pleading outside
your doors
for one morsel of kindness
so now you see only
a beggar
not the father
not the son
nor holy ghost of humanity
just lumps
excreted from the bowels
of war
you slam
your doors
screaming at the top of
your lungs
that they should
back to
for they
are already