balpa dola while weaving….

was it not
     only yesterday
             my young friend
that i wove for you
      a simple pattern on my loom
              i thought so
now i must weave a pattern
      using many dark colors
             watch closely
for within the patterns lie
      what will become
             or is
notice here
      i have woven two sparrows
      caught on winter’s snowy cross
sharing crucified thoughts of yesterday
      here’s donovan’s mongoose
              being eaten by a snake
      and steven stills’ words
               come to life within but not without
how sad
       no doubt you say
but remember
       although a stone thrown across the pond
               may seem to float
       it quickly sinks
so it is with
       all that is and was
              sorrows and joys
              love and hate
              dreams and life
              pain and joy
all soon become
           only patterns upon my loom

[Note: balpa dola is the reader of the fox tracks…a soothsayer]