the search…

which star
life like ours
out of
the 10 billion galaxies
10 billion stars
does one
the one
how does one
a lost love
to say
i’m sorry
a city
so many


small seeds of life’s fortune…

penny found on street
a lost soul without a home
deemed worthless by most
no one bends to pick it up
life’s true fortune cast aside


the library…

one life to a book
collections of short stories
all first editions
once a book has been removed
just a few are remembered
most are forgotten
their spaces are soon refilled
with newer copies
dusty historical books
the only remnants of souls



identity theft…

let’s not count the dead
we should read each name aloud
honoring souls lost
rather than some statistic
to be filed and forgotten


the book of dying 3:2…

history of men death’s dark angels
wingless night creature messengers of evil
life’s slave traders gold for souls
believers in prayer fee for redemption


the book of dying 2:9…

death’s ghost ship greed’s blind passengers
sailing to ports without safe harbor
rocky shores await a darkened lighthouse
assures their fate life’s soulless waters


no questions please…

the tomb’s been sealed tight
politics over god’s son
money’s to be made
cadillacs to be paid for
so now preachers prefer cash
they prefer trump’s cash
over heavenly rewards
so when they’re preaching
they prefer you just listen
as if trapped in a sealed tomb