clever politicians
they got
everyone singing
a merry tune
one of those
whistle while you work songs
bluebirds landing
on everyone’s shoulder
as they traveled
down the road
toward prosperity
and peace
only to find
near the end
of their journey
a road closure sign


Google Image: Romance Book Cover Art & Illustration

curled so tightly
around her passion
the flow of reason
could not reach
her mind
the warm soft skin
of his lies
was so inviting
after so many
empty nights
with just her
paperback lovers
so now
flesh to flesh
she was easily seduced
into believing
that his words
were from his heart
but before long
his night songs
were gone
and she
was rereading
chapter one

a body has been found…

the fog
like the shroud of turin
wrapped around the lakeshore
an omen for those searching
for an unmarked grave
a grave dug with satan’s own hands
one as shallow as the soul
that forced her into the earth
moving as he did before
stalking a young child
fearing not the catach-and-release justice system
or megan’s law or god’s law
for he had seen the religious leaders
who moved from church to church
just as he had moved from town to town
and now in another jail cell
he will watch the same series of events
just like his last prey and so he yawns
and says
not another
candlelight service
and songs like
darling i wish you were here
and lawyers creating jury doubt
and then backroom deals
so he goes to sleep
but i
i summon nemesis
to whom vengeance belongs
o goddess
to whom vengeance belongs
show yourself
come forth and as god
cast out his angel
i ask that you
revenge your sister
and place
on the right hand of lucifer

light rain and night songs…

so much of what we are is not seen
and all too often what is seen
is believed to be what we are
           and sometimes even to ourselves
but if you listen to the night songs
you will find beauty not from without
but from within these aging pattern of flesh
          it is not the singer but the song
and as i stood in evening’s light rain
my thoughts were of you and your song
of what i see and what you see
         and wondered how different the view
for what i see makes me warm inside
and settles the anger of the years
bringing night songs and soft rain
          where once there was only pain
once i would have tried so hard
to have you see as i see
but now i know to wait
          for within you is my song
and so i stand in light rain
feeling the tones of night songs
knowing something new about love
          that its tune never need be forced