who has truly committed crime…


child staring as darkness falls fears soon begin as do the tears
eyes searching the darkened cell hoping to find their parents’ eyes
their crime was the search for freedom but freedom’s dead and buried


reluctant martyr…

reluctant martyr

like a hungry coyote
death’s eyes stare into your soul
burning deep and revealing
fears you’ve tried so hard to hide
fears so real you can taste them
like vinegar on a sponge

Yes, still experimenting with six line English Sijo…thanks to dVerse for the introduction to the form.

learning to fly…

learning to fly

what does the bird do you ask
when it first leaves its safe nest
does it soar upon the breeze
or shake in fear of the world
perhaps it finds that true love
has no physical limits

Six line English Sijo…thanks to dVerse for the introduction to the form.