dark chapters #3…

your lies
are buried
in shallow graves
even the slightest breeze
of discontent
from the furies
can reveal the stained
and soiled bones
of your life
you continue
to believe
that the law
does not apply to
you run
to catch
your next flight
to resolve
world issues
after a night
to be remembered
as you said
the joke
is on you
as divine vengenance
strips you of your arrogance
placing a wreath of  serpents
upon your head
and the devil’s contract
is fulfilled
and so it was
the third day
of satan


The Erinyes (also known as Furies) were cruel earth goddesses who symbolized the divine vengeance. The Furies were created from the blood of the Titan Uranus, when his son Cronus castrated him to take revenge on the loss of his siblings. According to another legend, the Furies were the daughters of Nyx, who was the symbolization of the night and a daughter of Chaos. 

ethic war drums…

and again
the night is violated
with the sounds
of metal on bones
and the hushing of a mother
to a child
and again
a child’s tears
are used to wash
the fabric of hate
soaked with the blood
of intolerance
and again
the streets are red
and full of vomit
of political rhetoric
casting flames of death
upon another land
and again
a child’s blood is drank
from the unholy grail
of self-righteousness
by the light of a human bonfire
with devilish
and again
faceless images
fade into the night
trampling small bodies
and looting all dignity
from the shallow graves
of a nation’s respect
and again
and again