a child’s thought bout de water…


wading in the water
wading in the water children
wading in the water
god’s gonna trouble the water
       this don’t make no sense at all
       how’s god gonna trouble the water
       is he gonna make it glow
           or perhaps he’ll just make it swirl
       i don’t understand this at all
       only thing i know for sure
           is the water is cold
       and they expect me to believe
            that being baptized is something more
        than being cold and wet


lord knows that child
ain’t got the sense
she was born with
look at her
swishing this way
and that way
like her hips are gonna
bring the tips
like oscar‘s waitress
‘cept her’s
are bringing nothing but whiplash
to that poor old man over there
and that young man ain’t leaving his perch
at least not until things calm down
i’m telling you that skirt
looks more like a shirt
and those earrings
got nothing but walmart bling
i’ve lived here all my life
and can’t recall such a sight
and gramma
have you every seen such a sight
      no child…
      not since you were young