translation please…

for a while
I was certain
that god
spoke latin
i mean
why else
would they teach it
in almost every school
i began to think
since all our money
in god we trust
that it must be
but which dialect
because given
all the harsh words
between religious folks
surely there’s a difference
between southern
ways of speaking
but the problem
became even more confusing
when I realized
that people
all over the world
were praying
in their own language
most of them must be wrong
given all the world conflicts
so i’m certain
there must be just one language
we must use
to get through to god
what language

been stared at blues…

copyright cwmartin 2011

i ain’t so dumb
i been to school
i’ve seen all kinds
of fancy fools
they read their books
and drink their wine
they pass their time
like all of us
sitting on
an invisible bus
travelling faster
all the time
destination undefined
snapping photos
as they go
do they really
see themselves
as i see you
and you see me
or are they blind
to humankind
and the fate
that binds us all
i see you staring
at my clothes
i see your thoughts
within your eyes
but there’s one thing
that you should know
i ain’t so dumb
i been to school
i’ve seen all kinds
of fancy fools
they read their books
just like you


when were you
going to tell her
the truth about this city
this place of gray sorrows
extending into the sky
where social drums
signal the hate
and bias
of a culture
where in school
by her name
she’ll be placed
in an ESL class
whose halls of justice
are filled with attorneys
who will comment
her surname will keep
them employed for life
a city where
she will always be
a foreigner
in her own country
a social gypsy
tattooed with invisible ink
that all can see
she will feel the sting
as the needle imprints
her skin
with social venom

During the next few days, I will be on holiday…yes again…so I will be posting very few comments on your blogs…however I shall continue to post new poems here and hope that you will enjoy them.  Until then, cheers!

line sketch…

life line
lines on chart
bus line
stay between lines
line of reasoning
lines of conformity
graduation line
lines the pocket
communication line
lines dropped
front line
lines between sanity and insanity
crossed the line
enemy lines
line of fire
three     short     lines
reception line
lines of sorrow
lines of crosses