land of oz hit with epic flood…

these self-imposed images
of munchkins singing merrily
ding-dong the witch is dead
do nothing to end the nightmare
do they permit me to
click ruby slippers together
three times
raising the dead
breathing new life
into the ashen forms
that linger in the shadows
of skyscrapers
it seems to me
those clicking sounds
resemble wangled buttons
being pushed
in a voting booth
cameras capturing
kodak moments
to hang on the walls
of bank owned houses
back in kansas
it really doesn’t matter
just sit back and watch
the graphic scenes
on the big screen
you’re the resident wizard
of oz
vicariously the bravery
of others
it’s just too bad
the whole thing
couldn’t have been handled
like before
with a bucket of water
that was tried
biblically before
and greed
from the depths
of human souls
never mind
the replay button


initial crime scene report…

thursday 2/25/10
clear warm temp at 70 f
arrived on scene at home office
somewhere short of sanity
a short frame structure with white trim
2 windows to the world situated
west side country miles from nowhere
phone call from location by editor
no eyewitness known.
body discovered at approx. 1445 hours by email carrier
somewhat questionable
found lying face down at his computer
southwest or northeast orientation
appearance of heavy life wounds inflicted to top and left side of head area
evidence of numerous broken hearts
      world peace
      protection of the environment
      caring for others
extensive wounds to ego
the body is still warm to the touch.
victim appears to have been dead for a short time before discovery
victim is wearing white button down shirt with sleeves rolled to elbow
dried tears in eye area
top three buttons torn away
denim work pants
brown steel tipped work boots
boot soles and heels appear to be dirt encrusted
likely from the garden.
pants pockets are found turned out with no contents
likely from previous relationships
black cycling gloves
well worn and dirt encrusted
are found near the victim 
the victim appears to have been working on a poem.
see crime scene sketches
poet is found lying at computer near a bottle of wine and baguette
with a blank sheet of paper gripped in hand.
evidence collected
word shards scattered around room
split infinitives on table
half bottle of frene barbier mediterranean white wine
some leftover cheese
and a baguette
search of house
door to heart unlocked.
faith in progress screened in with door latched.
search of house shows evidence of robbery or vandalism
unorderly appearance
torn poems on the floor
shells of belief in various arrangements
a lingering smell of mothballed dreams
from living room bookshelf
a family photo album is taken into evidence
containing photographs labeled through some period of insanity
no additional evidence removed from house