pharisees of kansas…

holding high their golden calf
they stand outside death’s gates
as if wishing to enter hell today
instead of at their appointed time
these pharisees like maggots
invade the souls of the bereaving
mocking them like centurions of rome
casting lots for the garments of all true disciples
the chief priest and his elders
asked not for him to come down from the cross
but that others be crucified with him
wanting to nail every hand but theirs
on a cross for failing to join in
as they offer a sponge of vinegar
to the those left outside the sepulcher
they relish these moments
like a drunken whore at an orgy
yet like all false prophets
they dress in the royal robes of sanctity
these pharisees with their lawyers
going to every corner of the globe
offering false witness as was predicted
of these satanic soldiers of barabbas
stooping to remove the coins from the eyes of the dead
to fashion a new idol for the beast they worship
offering up prayers to the nine pilates
in the common hall for thirty pieces of silver
but when the veil of the temple
is rent for the final time
there will be
to pay