lone wolf’s lament…

this is not the place
that was your father’s
these woods hold
bones older than
your history
each tree marks
a fallen warrior
black elk knew of them
calling upon the spirits
to receive their brothers
and sisters in death
to guide them safely
to a land of peace
not one of war
nor into stolen mountains
flowing with streams of tears
nor torched prairie villages
now no more than smoke
carried away in the night
only brother wolf
was left
to lament
as the funeral
passed by
to an unwanted
away from
this sacred

suffering the vengeance eternal…

there was a man
i shall call him
since his name
is not important
nor shall i tell you
his religion
since all religions
would have led him
to the same fate
so it was that everyman
came to the sea of death
seeking the monster
that had destroyed
all that was sacred to him
the smell of rotting fish
and sulfur filled the air
and he could barely breathe
but his anger was so great
that he waded into the sea
seeking his revenge
his flesh burned
but he refused
to give up his quest
soon his skin became numb
like a heart that’s filled with hate
and he was able to dive
beneath the surface
into its depths
with each dive his skin
became more adapted
protected by an armor
that he felt was righteousness
and so it was
for years
and one day he came upon the beast
and slayed it without mercy
the waters around him filled with blood
and he swam towards
the shore
but as he approached
screams could be heard
that the beast had returned
and in the reflection of the moon
he could see
that he had