hawk chronicles #11…

copyright cwmartin 2011

you adorn
your battle gear
with my likeness
iconic bravery
before the siege
but when
the ribbons of red
rush from veins
you turn away
from what
you do not
want to see
but understand this
i kill
to survive
you kill
to contrive justice
i kill
to feed
my young
you kill
to feed
your greed
i kill
to protect
my young
you kill
your young

boxing night in wales…

the night
was the color
of velvet
of light
wove patterns
of fear
into their eyes
as they stood
into the dark
for safe return
knowing there
would be none
had begun
all were lost
the sea
once again
had claimed
its prize
a son
a husband
a father
would not
the treasures
beneath the tree
nor would they
ever see
a child’s delight
upon this
holy night
nor would
one person
hear their pleas
for god
to spare
the rod

on this winter’s day…

why do you stand there
staring off into the horizon
as if he’ll be coming home
he is already home
he is buried
with his friends
his cross
bearing the helmet
he wore that day
a day when death
took his hand
and led him
into a negotiated peace
one paid for with blood
so there is no need
for you to stand there
waiting with ribbons of tears
tying up your life
around a gift of hope
for someone
who cannot come
to christmas day
so come in from those cold memories
and join me around
the warm embers
of existence