the dark ages…

the dark ages

the stones
laid by
the founding fathers
have been torn
from freedom
and used
to construct
ragged shacks
of political
corporate avarice
the once
of religious tolerance
have been ransacked
their treasures
for a golden calf
of ignorance
by life’s
of existence
who long
to use
the blood
of innocent children
in their communion
as they
the gods
of a dying planet

just another peoria street riot…

just another peoria street riot

embers of misunderstanding
by moral entrepreneurs’
righteous religious rhetoric
have transubstantiated
watery lies
the bloodied flesh
of an innocent
a repeated scene
crowds of people gather
along society’s street
to commune on history’s
stale wafers
of ignorance
ala’s revellers
by hate and fear
partake in the celebration
stone throwing rituals
as old
as man’s incapacity
to show tolerance
for that which
he cannot comprehend
and so
the darkness
remains upon the deep
the earth
is without form

winter without end…

winter without end

every year
cold winds blow
the leaves fall
ground to dust
calls for help
women stoned
children raped
old banished
every month
cold winds blow
the leaves fall
ground to dust
war ends not
profits made
the rich eat
the poor starve
every day
cold winds blow
the leaves fall
ground to dust
calls to prayer
righteous war
soldiers die
children die
each minute
cold winds blow
the leaves fall
ground to dust

fahrenheit 451 revisited…

fahrenheit 451 revisiteda chief
from a neighboring village
sought out bapa dola
and said that his enemy
had burned a prayer-book
and asked
should he not be punished
for this crime against god
bapa dola
when the words
become more important
than their message
the book
should be burned