cliche lives…

copyright cwmartin 2012

beneath this city
lie the bones
of fallen warriors
despised in life
ignored in death
their dreams
no more than
faded pages
in history books
childhood homes
into parks
with exercise trails
punished by
overweight merchants
slimming down
before feasting
at macdonalds
tree roots embrace
cradles of unborn children
still in the womb
savages saved
by good christian soldiers
just following orders
words to be repeated
every time men
impose their will
on others
not knowing
that they
like all before them
shall be placed
a common grave

common history…

an unmarked grave
to man’s frailty
and with
all the posturing
of mankind
this will be
his final posture
no one
will bring flowers
the tears
shed that day
will have dried
and been blown
into the sea
the dust
will be caught
upon the wind
and carried
into the fields
where new seeds
will be planted
for the occupants
of tomorrow’s

my first car…

this old 54 buick with overdrive
has had a lot of owners before me
i got it when I was young
so i was just gonna call it freedom
cuz that’s where I thought I was going
but i was told peace and freedom go together
so that’s what i decided to call it
and for as long as i can recall
it has leaked oil
it’s engine’s life-blood
and i’m fairly certain
that if you check recorded history
it has always leaked
now i know you’re gonna ask
did you try to fix it
and the answer is yes
i’ve changed both chambers
and the header several times
but nothing seems to change
so now with every drop that hits the ground
full military honors are given
before pouring in more reinforcements
tho i’ve considered getting a new model
most aren’t any better than this old buick
so i guess i’ll just keep it
anyway i’m old enough to know now
that it can’t take me to where i was going
but it’s got me where i am