Challenge Poem Response from Toni Cross…

So first things first…here’s the link to Toni Cross’ poem which is the response to the photo that I sent her as part of our challenge to write a poem around each other’s photos.  As you can see by the photo that I provided her,  this was no easy task….I think you’ll just love what she has created for the photograph .

 So after such a wonderful poem by Toni…I had to think of something new to write about…decided not to talk about music for obvious reasons…so here’s what I came up with for today from me.

a perfect fit…

it slipped into
his hand so easily
as if it had been
made for him
but he had
fought this thought
and had been told
by those who teach
that it was wrong
but now
in his hand
religious justice
on his side
murder seemed
as natural
as making love
and felt
as good
when nailing those
who did not believe
like him
to a cross
a self-deification
with no questions