when i’m away…

catch my heart’s whispers
in the palm of your hand
pull those glowing thoughts
close to your chest
and feel them
enter the chambers
of your soul

A romantic poem for my friend Heatspell.

it glows still…

i do not know
how long i’ve held
this orb
it may have been years
or just a few days
but it seems
only now
that it has arrived
in the palm of my hand
for it is still warm
and radiant
a phosphorus glow
that all can see
a light
that will not
yield to
the darkness of life
nor the shadows of fear
cast by the grave
it is my love
for you

this dream…

is not your reality
but it is reality
i am a jaguar
moving through the jungle
of your consciousness
i am a shaman
healing the pain
within your heart
with herbs long forgot
by those
who cut the heart from the palm
and tossed it into the sky
creating the moon
the dust from its flight
formed the stars
in the night sky
my breath
created the night breeze
that gave flight
to the owl
that grasped within
its claws
the last fragment
of hope
that man
would save
this river
and the lives
along its shores
with the same mercy
shown to him
by the gods