midnight torment…

night embraces you
in cloth of hidden shadows
with sequin street lights
pulsing through the growing fog
sanctuary for nightmares
moments unwanted
making you conscious of death
and unable to sleep


dream state…

dream state

holds its breath
as you peer into
the broken window
of your day
of events
as fragmented
as shards
of glass
your dreams
had you but…
you repeat
throughout the night
but find
no way
to complete it
you wake
to continue
the nightmare


modified google image

these isolated moments
before death
called days
move before
your eyes
without reflection
in the mirror
soundless events
flowing along
the fibers of your existence
an invisible blood line
in the palm of your hand
as you reach
for golden corporate calves
placed strategically
along the walkways
of your beliefs
and when you
reach out
to touch them
you find they are
but illusions
nothing more
unkept promises
like the unread books
beside your bed

from my window…

from my window
i see a world
you do not see
i see madmen
in the street
selling candy-coated nightmares
on corporate auction blocks
for the mere price of your soul
and hear the sounds
streaming from city streets
that go unheard
when children cry
in the night
with parental fright
praying for morning’s light
to embrace the sight
of an unlocked door
into a world most fear
you did not hear
the shallow breaths of fear
throughout the night
like waves of tears
an unwanted
nor did you feel
the touch of love
that a poet knows
sometimes in dreams
sometimes savored
on passion’s bed
in a candle lit room
a love
have always
have not


My friend Toni Cross has presented another challenge photograph for me, but his one is very special since it is a photograph of her…how does one poet begin to capture even a fragment of another poet’s spirit within the lines of a poem?  Not sure that I have an answer…but here is my attempt to convey a some small portion of the spirit that I have seen in her writing.  I hope that she will approve of what I have attempted.