speed trap…

wouldn’t it be something
if cops could give you a warning ticket
for being stupid in life
if you fell in love
with the wrong person
they’d pull you over on a date
and say
excuse me…but this person
is just using you
until they find someone else
with more
money, sex appeal, fame
or whatever
they’re going to dump you
so you’re being cited for failing to stop
at one of life’s many misery signs
or they’d pull you over and say
i’m sorry
but i have to cite you for speeding
speeding through your child’s youth
ignoring precious moments
for personal gain
and believing that work is more important
than anything
or they’d give you a ticket for failing to yield
saying to you in a deep voice
but you failed to yield when you knew
you were dead wrong
but  out of pride
you continue to profess
your justification for actions
or they’d say
didn’t you notice the warning sign
about the end of the road over there
are you feeling any chest pains
shortness of breath as i give you this ticket
please recall
he says
when you collect enough points
your license