political jabberwocky…

senate hearing
god has taken a side
on immigration
he’s for it
she’s against it
which god
are we talking about
why would god care
in the first place
they babble on
quotes from the bible
whose bible
which translation
which chapters
what about mary
what did she say
is she in your version
what about buddha
and mohammed
don’t they have americans
on their payrolls now
as well as all the others gods
this could get complicated
i mean that meaning could
have many meanings
and then
that would lead
to no meaning
and meaning
is what we are all
searching for in our lives
except for a few
rogue poets
who see
no meaning
in such attempts
at meaning

A little backgroud from CNN Ref:  Congress debates biblical stance on immigration

will the circle be unbroken…

i am so mad
i could spit
there i was
on the line with the one
divine being
don’t even
to ask me for a formal name
like Mohammed, Christ, etc.
or whether it’s a
he or she
there was this mention of
personal plagues
for revealing
heavenly secrets
so don’t even go there
as i was saying
there i was
well actually it was a conference call
with several other folks on the line
but that’s not important
i was the one
on the line
not pastor brown
but anyway
not to boast
or anything
i had just asked this question
’bout what was the true religion
well all hell broke out then
there were folks saying
it’s mine
no it’s mine
it was just like listening
to a group of kindergarten children
arguing over a dead bug
one person claimed
the church was like a pot bellied stove
you had to attend to keep
the fires burning
another said the church was everywhere
cause god was everywhere
so there wasn’t any reason
to hang out with a bunch of hypocrites
then child
some fools
chimes in
that god was on his side for war
of course
someone else called him a name
that I can’t repeat right now
but let’s just say
that they are no longer among us
on this earth for
that little outburst
so then without warning
someone begins
to talk about religion
and politics
oh child
if you could’ve heard
the thunder at that point
you would know
on any given day
to make the connection
but the words were spoken
and the answer was quite clear
just give me a minute
oh yes
something about
render to Caesar
i just can’t remember right now
that was
followed by something
to do with
oh yes
how there was only one way to truth
and then
all i heard
you never heard what i said
you’ve created a shopping mall
for religion
so you can
pick and choose
what you want
rather than
do what
then honey
the line