common history…

an unmarked grave
to man’s frailty
and with
all the posturing
of mankind
this will be
his final posture
no one
will bring flowers
the tears
shed that day
will have dried
and been blown
into the sea
the dust
will be caught
upon the wind
and carried
into the fields
where new seeds
will be planted
for the occupants
of tomorrow’s

an unusual career path…

copyright cwmartin 2011

he’s a madman
don’t want
no canonization
just wants
his cheap wine
and a pack
of lucky strikes
all this talk
of salvation
has made him
make a proclamation
heaven is full
of useless saints
quite willing
to welcome you in
while earthly bound
you’re on your own
so he’d rather have
cheap wine
and a pack
of lucky strikes
don’t need no
door-to-door prophets
nor cartoons
depicting heaven
that no one’s seen
but he’s seen the news
while in the liquor store
’bout the state of the world
all the dire predictions
’bout most of mankind
and he’s seen
politicians come and go
making the same damn promises
and never delivered
to hapless voters
so he chooses
to be a madman
don’t need no canonization
just cheap wine
and a pack
of lucky strikes

of this i believe…

all the words
and verses had not changed
he had said these words a thousand times
and a thousand times he said them with faith
but today
he felt as if he were just an actor
one waiting for godot
staring out into the sea of souls
some lost among the coral reefs of disbelief
seeking to find the beacon of truth
that would free them from themselves
too sure of what they knew
dawned pious smiles when he said
what they wanted to hear
they frowned at him
as he stood in the pulpit
he wondered
could he say those words
his faith intact
if they sensed his doubt
would they rise up from the pews
and proclaim him a heretic
or claim that their faith was undaunted
by what they had seen in the world
had they studied the word
as a lover studies their love
they would understand its history
but they do not know or care
who the scribes were
those founders of this society of believers
the codependency of this relationship
means he dares not tell them the truth
his cross would be that of the malefactor
who did not repent
but this man has done nothing
his questions have come with age
and studies to find true meaning
just to answer those daunting questions
formed from so many years of religious grief
wondering how men meeting in secret
could design and decide
on what was best for mankind
a committee
producing  sacred writings
marketing their beliefs as if for profit
he wonders am i now a non-believer
or am i like a lover
whose love has waned
over the years
progessing from insatiable passion
to a deeper love and understanding
or is this grounds
for divorce…

For those who wish to read the trigger for this, read: Non-Believing Clergy.