there must be reason…

copyright cwmartin 2011

in this age
of reason
it was no surprise
that when reports
began to filter-in
of a flower
that made old men
and vital again
removing all the infirmities
life had bestowed
upon them
by just
breathing its fragrance
that great men
would come together
to explore
the story
men of
science and magic
with views
and reasons
for the powers
of the flower of life
their debates
raged on for days
soon wars
were fought
those who tended
the flower died
outside the sacred walls
on the battlefields
of  reasonable inquiry
and self-declared justice
and so it was
that with no one to care
for it
the flower



night holds
no magic
movie theme
dreams here
just shards of dreams
brown budwiser crystals
spread out like rose petals
along the gutter’s edge
this place is the channel
you change from
not the one
you want to watch
but this is where
your kids come
to buy
what they need
to make
living with you
and where
your daughter
will come
to trade wares
for the love she needs
if you wander here
by mistake
then keep your eyes
straight ahead
don’t dare look
into the doorways
for what you’ll
find may break
the walls of
your sanity

dom tec dom tec…


with an understanding
that can only come from
one who has taught children for years
he strove to teach us
the heart beat of tunisia
on clay drums
and we with hands
stuttering to find the magic
of his words
dom tec
dom tec
tec tec dom
move without purposeful rhyme
like those who run our government
as they position for the next election
and they
like us
attempt to match
the teacher’s lead
so as not to call unwanted attention
upon their ineptitude
but to blend into
the flow of others
more skilled
at carrying for what is truly needed
to make this nation’s music
play again in the hearts of those
all around
who need to hear
the sounds of hope
as they wander across
the arid
wasteland of dreams
on the salt flats
of political ambition