the meeting…

it seems so strange meeting you this way
                                                                  after so many years
how we boasted about the future
and what it would bring 
      but now
 it all seems so irrelevant
                                   and fragmented
i’m very happy you know 
       i’m successful  
       i have a home
       new car
                    and loads of friends 
what else coul a man want 
          i have a lovely wife
          and the bar i built is something else 
sure i’m happy 
no i didn’t remember that
                                        i had said that  
 seems strange that 
                            i would have forgotten
                                         something like that 
        it really doesn’t matter
        look at all that i have 
i told you that i was happy already
why don’t you just give me a break
i hate taking to myself 
                   it seems so difficult to remember 
                   how to define oneself 
                            in terms of yesterday’s dreams.