i’ve lost count…

another soul
another language
the same human misery
a darkened doorway
gilded with childish dreams
not of gold
but of  a silver lining
now tarnished
by the acidic reality
that death is more
than the grave
it is sitting on a street corner
begging to breathe hope’s vapor
smoking discarded butts of existence
becoming a belligerent drunk
screaming at what fate has given
cursing death
for its
late arrival


This poem was inspired by a post by my friend Cindy (http://theonlycin.wordpress.com/2010/8/15/repost-her-name-is-monica/)  I was a bit tearful when I finished reading her post and knew that I could not write anything right away…but wanted to release some of the emotions…so here it is …a mental release  so that I can sleep tonight.  Please visit Cindy’s site and see the inspiration for this poem.