old papers…

and there
like the memories
of the year
are scraps of paper
recorded history
for no good reason
in boxes
and drawers
throughout the house
boxes that no one
will ever pullout
to sort or read
to be
carried in mass
to the dump
or shredded
by some distant family member
who seeks their fortune
in what is left behind
in closets
and jewelry boxes
leaving behind
the true wealth
of my life
for they
have long
“all that glisters
is not

The popular form of the expression is a corruption of a line in William Shakespeare‘s play, The Merchant of Venice, which uses the 17th century synonym “glisters”. The line comes from the secondary plot, the puzzle of Portia‘s boxes: (Act II – Scene VII – Prince of Morocco)

no need…

Photograph by CWMartin

as i went about
my usual errands
i came to an old house
an even older man
was outside
tending to his chores
working to free
a rusty door
moving with a lifetime of pain
the cost of all his years
i called out
would you like some help
no need he said
the good lord
will provide
all my daily breads
as i walked away
i looked to the sky
wondering why
i had been