peace treaty…


tear it down
leave no stone standing
salt the earth
so no seeds of hope
can ever grow
in the hearts of children
let the children feel
misery’s cat-o’-nine-tails
upon their backs
have the flesh of their dreams
torn from within their bodies
deprive them of laughter
pour poison into the well of faith
that nourishes their souls
feed them upon fear
and degradation
our enemy
on bended knees
cries out for peace
peace of mind
for those they love
their children 



dom tec dom tec…


with an understanding
that can only come from
one who has taught children for years
he strove to teach us
the heart beat of tunisia
on clay drums
and we with hands
stuttering to find the magic
of his words
dom tec
dom tec
tec tec dom
move without purposeful rhyme
like those who run our government
as they position for the next election
and they
like us
attempt to match
the teacher’s lead
so as not to call unwanted attention
upon their ineptitude
but to blend into
the flow of others
more skilled
at carrying for what is truly needed
to make this nation’s music
play again in the hearts of those
all around
who need to hear
the sounds of hope
as they wander across
the arid
wasteland of dreams
on the salt flats
of political ambition

simply say…

let us laugh together
and join our hearts
in song
let us not go
into the hills
and count
the endless hours
to which we shall succumb
let us embrace
wayward winds
and dance
upon a velvet mist
let us touch
each blade of grass
and answer
each cricket’s call
that we might
forget the day
to which our souls
are tied
that day of death
let minds not
become too heavy
with the thorns
and thistles of thought


let us say
joy is what i seek
i have gone
to crush the daisies
in the may