when were you
going to tell her
the truth about this city
this place of gray sorrows
extending into the sky
where social drums
signal the hate
and bias
of a culture
where in school
by her name
she’ll be placed
in an ESL class
whose halls of justice
are filled with attorneys
who will comment
her surname will keep
them employed for life
a city where
she will always be
a foreigner
in her own country
a social gypsy
tattooed with invisible ink
that all can see
she will feel the sting
as the needle imprints
her skin
with social venom

During the next few days, I will be on holiday…yes again…so I will be posting very few comments on your blogs…however I shall continue to post new poems here and hope that you will enjoy them.  Until then, cheers!

more washington rumors….


oh for the love of god
i need to get packing
i heard some folks
in washington
are gonna
repeal medical coverage
to help pay the bills
and then the 13th amendment
something about needing
cheap labor
so i need to get
my things in order
but where will i go
i can’t head for reservations
cause they’re checking
lineage if there’s a casino
and if there’s no casino
the 13th has
already been repealed
i could go to france
since i’m not a gypsy
i’d be okay in israel
since i only have one
or two arab friends
but on second thought
they have army draft
and i couldn’t shoot
anyone who looked like me
you know having
eyes, mouth, nose,etc.
i’m not japanese
so i could go china
but not germany
germany’s already said
diversity’s dead
england’s out
our rules came
from there first
maybe I could
just hitch a ride
on one of those
space shuttles

just a gypsy…

as she passed by in her traditional gypsy skirt
embroidered with sequins and coins
one man created an illusion of intimacy in his mind
while another said
beautiful yes…but she’s a 
     concentration camp
     forced labor
     killed on sight
     history’s largest
     mass murder
  after war
      assimilation schemes
      cultural freedom
      socially degraded stratum
      women sterilized
      state policy
had they but know her history
or that her love for country was as unconditional
as her beauty
they might have rethought their words
if not
then they are no more than fools
for seeing just a gypsy

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