dark chapters #5…

it is so very simple
tell them that
has chosen you
to provide the way
to salvation
never mind
that the price has
already been paid
those with guilt
great or small
will do anything
to relieve it
even if logic
tells them the opposite
of what you are saying
just say it like
believe it
they will follow
lambs following the bell
on a road that has no end
an imaginary cobblestoned path
of lies
used to free them
of the fear of their real lives
as well as
whatever wealth they might have
leaving them destitute
and broken
along this dusty road
of faith
when  souls
are parched
their thirst
can be easily
be quenched
by the devil’s chalice
of acrid faith
so that they
will forsake
the truth
and so it was
on the fifth day
of satan