an unopened box…

in this corner of my mind
i have hidden away a couple of things
more than a couple
but i will share one
with you
in this little cubbyhole
i have placed the dreams
that did not come true
this dusty old box
inlaid with gold gilded tomorrows
holds the dream of
caring for my mother
when she got old
i worked a lifetime
to fulfill this
ignoring times
i could have shared with her
so clear was my purpose
so when she died young
the box was placed upon this shelf
to be covered by the dust
of memories of what she gave to me
the patterns of droplets on the floor
are merely where my tears fell
you need not be concerned with those
but be concerned for this
good intentions for tomorrow
blind you to today’s beauty
offering only a white cane of promises
to cross an invisible street
called the future
which may vanish
in the touch
of a cane’s