razor blades in candy…

second floor apartment
could see
the brown bag prophet
a surgical mask
holding up
a series
cue cards
the signs read
sweet exterior
economic incentives
inside the bill are dangers
hidden agendas
blank checks for cutting ada
hurting children and placing others at risk
social funding cuts and more
now really
is it an incentive or exploitation
the prophet
then turned
another building


covid-19 press conference…

while the emperor
describes his new clothes to us
ego spun details
off camera bodies pile up
and a child asks why he’s nude


trump’s america_profits first…

doctors and nurses
begging for what their job needs
world’s richest nation
leaving those who truly serve
alone on the plains of death


the book of dying 2:2…

greed blinds men this death knew
so offered wealth instead of freedom
so men submitted for personal gain
so their dreams were easily raped


the book of dying 2:1…

death’s fallen angels always spoke lies
saying they’re mistreated and unfairly judged
claiming that truth is but falsehood
calling on men to protect them


the book of dying: 1:8…

while some starved others grew fat
demanding the weak carry their load
the indebted workers had no choice
so made gold they couldn’t hold


the book of dying 1:7…

but death spoke offering false hope
and people listened denying all truth
choosing the darkness over the light
counting their coins not other’s lives