free offline sermon…

free offline sermon2

i heard
the muted rustle
on dry paper
behind me
and turned
to see
the brown bag prophet
preparing for
his sunday sermon
on the college green
he said
here’s an ipo
for you
ring around
the collar
someone wants
your dollar
all fall down
a new nursery rhyme
more fitting
for our times
without regret
to engender
your awareness
of unicorn-stocks
and vapor-bonds
at will
with whim
according to the book
of greed
no need
to sing along
the rhyme’s
all ready
in your mind
to free this tune
from your head
ignore all
the commercial signs
as you crawl into bed
ring around
the collar
someone wants
your dollar
all fall down

on queue…

eyes glazed
no tears
can break free
of the pain within
coursing its way
from the heart
into every pore
and fiber
that time
has given
and now
takes away
with such
that one
would suppose
that life had just begun
not reached its end
winding down
like a broken toy
cast aside
long ago
on society’s
side streets
of existence
forced to wait
in line
for eternal

special offer…

dear sir

or madame
we are pleased
to extend to you
a special offer
made once each year
in world cities
with some
local holiday or custom
it is totally free
and has no associated
shipping cost
totally free
designed just for you
we’re sending you
a free sample of faith
to begin the new year
although it’s free
it is in limited supply
try it out
over the next thirty days
those who’ve tried our product
days without fear
reduced stress
feeling their best
decreased depression
a sense of being able
to change the world
even if in
only small ways
order now
and we’ll throw in
a free sample of hope
all at no cost to you
please note
the product
may be
habit forming

11/22 + 4/4

black man laying
     on the court-house steps
staring into dusty dreams
     upon a mind’s shelf
tell me what have you seen
     that gives you hope
what words have your read
      upon that page of your life
that blood has not erased
     with its sudden moves
tell me old man if you can
     what are those words
that remain which are
     unspoken and unbroken
what verb or noun
     gives you hope enough to pray
or even to believe
     that you’ll be free
for even freedom is spelled
      with letters of hate and prejudice
but tell me old man
      what are the words you see
for i would like to make
     a  note of it
along with
     “ask not what your…” and i have a drea…”