upon this plain of tears…

the night
knows your name
for you have returned
to this dark corner
where dreams die
over and over again
each time
reaching out
to touch the velvet wings
of hope
that flutter
beyond your reach
still you come
dressed for a celebration
while others wear
mourning clothes
but you
in hope
and without
where would
the dreams
come from
the seven

portrait of a sleeping child…

prayers complete
deep breaths
eyelids flutter
no need for me to wait
except to stare
into the day that was
there are no fears here
no tears
just a child
resting within the arms of  love
no time but now
who shall ever believe
that such peace is real
close your eyes
recall those days
without fears
without tears
i am here
next to you
can you hear me
the nightlight’s on
gentle touch of yesterday
when love was real
got no need for what will be
just a caress of how it was
reaching for stars
a child’s embrace
do you recall the night’s touch
like a hand so small
so warm with hesitation
without bad dreams
or fears of tomorrow
walk slowly
to the doorway
as not to miss the moment
walk away
but look back
inside there is a need
not addressed
good night my friend
my love
my child
good night