till death do we part…

digital collage cwmartin 2011

she lie
on the earth
clawing at it
with a slow
and steady pace
digging with her nails
pausing just briefly
as i walked up
her clothes
were new
freshly pressed
her handbag
most stylish
for her age
the veins
in her hands
pulsed with passion
and beads of sweat
like tears flowed
from her face
she said nothing to me
i held my breath
for a moment
and asked
what is your name
she once again paused
and said
mary b franklin
and then
she resumed
her digging
i turned to go
looking down
beside her
i saw a stone

he said there’d be a sign…

i sat in the back
of the church
waiting for a sign
a sign
that the holy spirit
and thought
i was ready
but I didn’t see any
i squinted my eyes
at lights
thinking that might help
but it just made my face
look funny
so one day
i went up front
just maybe
the view
would be
better from there
but there
was nothing

During the next few days, I will be on holiday…yes again…so I will be posting very few comments on your blogs…however I shall continue to post new poems here and hope that you will enjoy them.  Until then, cheers!

night winds…

breath flowing
across the face
of timeless dreams
where lost souls reside
beside the pool of desire
tossing the coin of the realm
into its depths
making wishes
instead of prayers

last photo…

Image Courtesty of Vlad

i stared into the heavens
turning away from you
denying even one last photo
you need not capture
that you never had
i have always been an illusion
a desire without a face
a body to lie next to
comforting you in your nightmares
guiding you out of the darkness
into what you believed was the light
from some soul saving chapel window
pretending it was god’s
blessing of how you lived
but what of my needs
did you hear my tears
splashing against the darkness of my fears
or did you just feel
my body’s warmth
an old comforter
from your mother’s hope chest
to be tossed on
when you felt cold
but what of my winter nights
when were you going to stoke
the fires of passion
and cover me
with as much love
as i’ve given to you
when were you
going to



Over the course of the last eight days , Jade and I have had a challenge …the whole idea behind it was to send a picture ( in this case by Vlad) to the other as inspiration (to the visual muse), and the other had to write a poem inspired by the image.  Please take a look at how Jade has responded to my last challenge photograph on her site.  This for me has been a wonderful experience… Jade and Vlad have provided my muse with such joy and they have even inspired several love poems….with any luck at all we shall renew this challenge at some point in the future and I will once again be forced to write a love poem.  To my dearest Jade and Vlad…thank you for all the gifts you have given to me.