another monday…


digital decoupage cwmartin

in the dark
the ticking
of the clock
can be mistaken
for the heart
breaths syncopate
with each sound
shallow breathing
the night’s chill
reminds you
of the nearness
of death
the alarm
you crawl
from your
satin crypt
as if

run aground..

digital decoupage cwmartin

there shall be
your way
of life
caught upon
the wings
of an albatross
out beyond
long before
your eyes
were opened
to this day
look not
to the vast sea
for your fate
but rather
into the tide pools
the jagged rocks
where gulls

final diagnosis…

Image Complements of Vlad

you love me
you love me not
you see me not
you see me
i am here
i am not
i am pain
i am joy
i’m saving your world
i’m destroying your very soul
you’re my nightmare and despair
you’re my only saving grace and joy
i am the soft touch of love
i am the anger of the ages
i shall die today
i shall live forever
i am real
i am illusion
i am pure sin
my blood is pure
doctors say
i say


This is the third part of a series of poetry challenges between Jade ( and me. The whole idea behind it is to send a picture ( in this case by Vlad) to the other as inspiration (or visual muse, if you want to), and the other has to write a poem inspired by the image. Visit her site to see how she has responded to my second challenge photograph on her site.  




he without form
void of all emotions
sat in the darkness
of his room
gasping for breath
praying to a god
he had long abandoned
or abandoned him
expecting little
receiving less
his mind a fertile ground for doubt
too many faceless fears
whispering in his ears
spiralling his fragile thoughts
into the darkest realms of self-pity
where his dreams
wither in the sun of expectation
easily crushed and blown away
faith is but a shadow of smoke upon the wall
sensed but never felt
tears are his only true companion
he is buried beneath daily routines
and each day he thinks
the morning
and evening
were the first day