the book of dying 2:4…

the seas died no more fishing
ships sail nowhere no reason to
for all waters had death’s stench
ocean’s breezes ceased shore waters rose


the book of dying 2:3…

soon rivers smelled odor of death
bloody barren land bore no fruit
oil blackened soil choked earth’s creatures
as rich men toasted their success


the book of dying 2:1…

death’s fallen angels always spoke lies
saying they’re mistreated and unfairly judged
claiming that truth is but falsehood
calling on men to protect them


the book of dying 1:10…

so death decided to send angels
death’s fallen angels the soulless men
whose words enamored but were empty
blinding the eyes to living corpses


the book of dying 1:9…

workers’ prayers continued but no change
their loads grew as poverty did
as more died death smiled broadly
but some asked questions about life


the book of dying: 1:8…

while some starved others grew fat
demanding the weak carry their load
the indebted workers had no choice
so made gold they couldn’t hold


the book of dying 1:7…

but death spoke offering false hope
and people listened denying all truth
choosing the darkness over the light
counting their coins not other’s lives