in silent prayer…

digital decoupage cwmartin 2011

are these
coffin brass rails
just coated promises
holy book road maps followed
for naught

i’m taking requests so…

what instrument shall I play for you
shall it be a magic flute
with melodic tones
that drift you into an even deeper sleep
where you can claim
this to be
the best of all possible worlds
or shall i play a song
that stirs your soul
a march
that will let you see
the world around you
where slavery still exists
and hate burns deep
into the souls of men
like the searing heat
of a branding iron
or shall i play
a clever little melody
with notes to let you see
a child’s badly bruised face
from a loving parent
or the makeup covered scars
of your neighbor’s adorable wife
or perhaps you would prefer
some blues
to help you see
the deep stench of misery
of a ragged homeless person
or a flag caressing a parent’s coffin 
while small hands are left behind
whatever you choose
please tell me the key
so as to unlock
the heart within you

when i die…

i sure hope
     those science folks
got that holographic thing
     all figured out
cuz i want to attend
     my own funeral
can you see those folks’ faces
   when I walk up to my coffin
and stare me in the face
      i bet there’ll be tears galore
      and fears a plenty
that i’m
     still alive