been stared at blues…

copyright cwmartin 2011

i ain’t so dumb
i been to school
i’ve seen all kinds
of fancy fools
they read their books
and drink their wine
they pass their time
like all of us
sitting on
an invisible bus
travelling faster
all the time
destination undefined
snapping photos
as they go
do they really
see themselves
as i see you
and you see me
or are they blind
to humankind
and the fate
that binds us all
i see you staring
at my clothes
i see your thoughts
within your eyes
but there’s one thing
that you should know
i ain’t so dumb
i been to school
i’ve seen all kinds
of fancy fools
they read their books
just like you

upon the mount…

no calls
for alms
no cans
for coins
he stood
a man of 
just straw
dressed in scarecrow clothes
with  tears  flowing from eyes
asif to irrigate the hope within
his heart
just me
a   fool
and he
knew i
was not
so wise
as to
his cries to share a tear
so said to me… to share a tear
is to care about others as much i
cared about my own loves in this life

upon this plain of tears…

the night
knows your name
for you have returned
to this dark corner
where dreams die
over and over again
each time
reaching out
to touch the velvet wings
of hope
that flutter
beyond your reach
still you come
dressed for a celebration
while others wear
mourning clothes
but you
in hope
and without
where would
the dreams
come from
the seven


her body was lying in state
dressed in her favor sunday clothes
and i hear my mind say
      something’s wrong
      it’s not the same
             i say
      she’s not smiling
              oh…those lovely flowers
              look here’s some from aunt liz
look at it
      something’s missing
              i say
       dear god what could it be
              i understand
              i’m not a child
but still there’s something