caution high voltage lines…

My friend Toni Cross has done it again…presented me with a photo and challenged me to write a poem based upon what I see…without any background information …just based upon what I see….of course in the true spirit of poetic brother/sisterhood I have sent her a photograph with the same detailed information that she provided me….I certainly hope you enjoy each of our poems.



Challelnge Photo From Toni L. Cross

i have some
bad news
for you
the power
has been off for years
in this damn societal enclave
the only thing running through
these lines
is yesterday’s dreams
this recycled ball of trash
that we have been living on
ain’t worth the cost
of the security system
we keep spending billions
on a worn out corner of the globe
that erupts in smoke and ash
flowing with blood-red lava
through the veins of history
shakin’ like some old damn car
just before the wheels fall off
folks we elect
keep telling us
for national security
we must spend more
for an old wooden door
with rusty hinges
shut tight
years ago
with nails
of fate
for true

the meeting…

it seems so strange meeting you this way
                                                                  after so many years
how we boasted about the future
and what it would bring 
      but now
 it all seems so irrelevant
                                   and fragmented
i’m very happy you know 
       i’m successful  
       i have a home
       new car
                    and loads of friends 
what else coul a man want 
          i have a lovely wife
          and the bar i built is something else 
sure i’m happy 
no i didn’t remember that
                                        i had said that  
 seems strange that 
                            i would have forgotten
                                         something like that 
        it really doesn’t matter
        look at all that i have 
i told you that i was happy already
why don’t you just give me a break
i hate taking to myself 
                   it seems so difficult to remember 
                   how to define oneself 
                            in terms of yesterday’s dreams.