my mother’s love…

copyright cwmartin 2012

when a fever
runs high
am alone
in my bed
all my fears
swirling in my head
creating such
would swear
i feel your gentle hands
wiping my brow
speaking softly
that all
will be well
that i

Poem inspired by Soul Dipper (

this day…

copyright cwmartin 2011

the night
has found
your dreams
and returned
them to you
you need not
wander alone
along the shore
of expectation
skipping stones of desire
into a murky sea
come lie with me
before the dawn
touches your lips
and before the sun
tolls the noon day bell
breathe in the beauty
of the gift
of a day
with love

spirit of my love…

i see you
in the night sky
outlined in a pattern
of stars
i hear your voice
when the wind
blows through
the tall pines
i feel your lips
against mine
when the rain falls
gently in the spring
and yet
i feel alone
as i walk
from day to day
a shadow
cast by my own


my hands pass through
each dream
as i reach out
moist fog
for a moment
into the ether
leaving me
standing alone
with my prayer book
turned to a page

my neighbor…


fragrant whiffs of music
from his yard sale saxophone
caught a breeze
and sailed across the field
to call me one last time
before he heads back
for final conversations
with family and friends
afraid of being alone
when his voice
is the only one
to be heard
now he says
he’s got no children
something the first wife said to them
made them feel unwelcomed
even when the welcome mat was out
so now he’s tired of trying
to have conversations
when no one’s listening
better to just pack up
and head home

the music box…

the music box
has a secret
it will whisper
it to you
in its tune
somewhere in this room
was the beginning of a grave
a small shallow home
in the earth
a place of rest
for a small child
the music box
spends its days alone
no one to play with
no one to abuse it
a jury of her peers
said she alone
was guilty
but the betrayals
of a teenage mother
no money
no lover
no family
no time
no sleep
a  l  o  n  e

This poem represents my third response to  the third challenge series between Jade and I.  This challenge is somewhat different in that the prompt is now an audio prompt.  Each poet provides the other with five instrumental songs (so that the song’s words do not interefere with the poet’s) from which the poet is to write a poem.  Jade has written her first response which can be found here


hold your breath
and do not move
the scent of death
is in the air
a strong  fragrance
so alluring in night
when you’re alone
with your tears
paging through  memories
as if history
could be willed
to change
with your thoughts
the mesmerizing scent
seems to flow beneath your feet
up your body
reaching for your mind
trying to close-off
all thoughts

but what can i do…

the sand of the sahara
fears no man
nor pay homage
to graven images
on walls of up-scale malls
nor will it listen to your
whimper of
but what can i do
for it is the undefeated army
that marches on your cities
and villages
salting not only the earth of carthage
but every parcel of land in its wake
and it shall not stop
until you wake from your sleep
and see that one man is never alone
there is always another
standing in the shadow of fear
hidden from your view
within the ancient ruins
of political rhetoric
but you
do not hear
the timeless voices of the desert spirits
imploring you to listen
to see the vision of the future
when all that you will know
will be sand
holding the ashes
of every conqueror of this land
and every dreamer
who chose

to cry alone…

how strange it is to lie with someone
          yet feel alone
am i alone in these feelings
          or are there others
          who long to lie together alone
          to feel another’s warmth
is it because they have cried alone
          that such warmth is defining
          of who they are
          and why they wake-up
does the light of such warmth
          stay and move through
          the darkness of the day
or does it fade
          and so you still
                      cry alone…