it ‘s
your door
waiting for you
open wide
and let
the new year in
you hesitate
what if
the new year
shackles you
to your old fears
your old
what if
if you don’t
open the door
will you die
or flow into
the abyss
or maybe
where you’ll
get out for
good behavior
just maybe
it really

i was just wondering….

do souls
come in different
i mean
i’ve heard that
they grow
so it must be so
is that why
there’s soul food
what happens
to little souls
the ones that
never get
a chance
to grow up
the ones still pure
unstained by life
are they recycled
just thrown away
into some cosmic
dust bin
used as landfill
for the abyss
they just fall
as snow
the collective
frozen tears
at summer’s

unsolicited denial…

A Classic Art Challenge:  Just as I had recovered from my last challenge with Jade, a new writing adventure has been embarked upon..Jade has sent me five paintings which are to serve as the prompts for this challenge.  Since I substituted an extra Philosophy course for Art Appreciation, this may prove to be far more difficult for me than the previous challenges.  However, I have accepted her challenge and managed to find five paintings to send her in return.  We hope you enjoy our poetry.


The Disquieting Muses (1918) by Giorgio De Chirico

my muse
grasps my hand
pulling me
away from the plaza
these muses
are not of the nine
we must leave
before we lose our song
for they are the spirits
of the lost souls
who stared into the abyss
they were born
long before time began
before men counted
their fleeting moments
on this earth
given form again by the drums of war
and the insatiable greed of men
they have returned
to claim their place
among us
as we turned
to leave
one of the muses spoke
here is your
holy roman empire
an empty plaza
filled with muses
that inspire
the nothingness of the abyss
here your glowing expectations
are mere embers
lying outside
the gates of hades
your change-the-world attitude
has become quiet acceptance
before I could hear more
my muse had pulled
me safely
into my dreams


seeing off a child…

can you hear her voice now
as she whispers her thoughts
on this still night
breathing softly into the wind
words only a poet can hear
words written so long ago
that even the night has forgotten
its rhyme
lost somewhere in time
as the moon caresses the earth
with its frosty touch
as if placing a child in bed
a bed that shall hold her forever
without pain or fear
nor shall there be dreams
no moon shining brightly
just a lowered head
into the abyss

Poem inspired by http://wocview.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/mom-beats-girl-3-to-death-for-poem-failure/