cellar wine bottles
though they look identical
some are now bitter
tainted grapes when bottling
from life’s polluted waters
flowing through the world’s nations
acidic waters
that have hate’s lingering taste
that cannot  be concealed
by history’s polished glass shells
nor the labels shown outside

heavenly rave cancelled…

heavenly rave cancelled

we’re rebel angels
we dance on the edges of clouds
our weekly outing
hoping not to fall to earth
things there have become
a real living hell on earth
wars and pandemics
those corrupted corporations
producing famine
have made reincarnation
an unattractive option
so we always watch our step
heaven forbid
we fall from grace and end up
back at our old place
maybe these parties should stop
i mean we’ve lived this before
so there’s no needed revivre

war games…

war games

rules of engagement
which no one really follows
civilized murder
has never been possible 
nor desirable since it
would restrict corporate profits

compulsory compromise…


there’ll be no long prayers
barely time to toss ashes
into the night’s wind
there are no burial spaces
just missile and bomb craters
unfit for even the dead