uncontrolled wildfires…

unable to breath
each day we’re suffocating
hate and fear’s wildfires
ravage our humanity
a burnt out shell-nation’s left

when america died…

no one made a sound
lining up to drink the kool-aid
hands over their hearts
singing national anthem
forgetting what the words meant

acts of pure evil or pot calling the kettle black…

i’ve come to believe
that envy’s behind evil
blind desires for fame
destruction of true heroes
to steal another’s glory



running door to door
like a swarm of angry bees
ignoring danger
children dash to collect treats
like a self-centered nation

god forbid…

let me get this straight
pardon convicted sheriff
deny a visa
to cancer victim’s sister
for fear she might stay


from sea to shining sea…

dreams’ ragged edges
two red frayed storm warning flags
fluttering rags in the wind
a nation torn by hatred