selective blindness…

outside post office
holding a sign and a child
no one reads the sign
no one even turns a head
nation refuses to see


mirror mirror on the wall…


the egotist’s wall
made over believers’ graves
nothing is sacred
to a madman’s childish dreams
except the mirror’s image




the chalice was filled
with the warm blood of children
during morning prayers
for they were non-believers
non-believers in your god
your god’s the true one
but does your god fear children
are not divine words
enough to sway young minds or
are you the non-believer


crisis management plan …


always on thin ice
that’s how you wanted life to be
you wanted people
to see you as a strong and brave
your ghost stories told each day
daily ghost stories
shared with all of life’s passerbys
whispered in the night
to lovers and part-time friends
knowing always on thin ice


another case of denial…


used as war’s weapons
depleted uranium
children’s cancer deaths
said not to be related
as was smoking cigarettes