denial of genocide or how to repeat the crime…

denial of genocide or how to repeat the crime

a piaget stage
once hidden from view it’s gone
childish behavior
but promoted by fascists
for such obvious reasons

nobody wanted to get depressed…

nobody wanted to get depressed...

stopped watching the news
stopped counting deaths from virus
and global warming
just getting back to normal
was man’s final delusion



security blankets…

did you see them kissing

gods and demigods
offered man’s prayers and votes
an unstable world
man’s blind faith and allegiance
due to insecurity

no fault of their own…

life leaves battle scars
soul’s deep emotional wounds
that transcend rational thought
symptoms are hate and anger
pressed upon the innocent



left out in the cold
your senator basks in sun
while he plays you pay
i’m betting he would have been
first to flee the alamo