until they fall down…

cite no more prayers
for war’s dying children but
trumpet your anger
into the ears of warlords
bring down greed’s jericho walls


listen to the dirge of history….

we don’t need more talk
or pillage of our freedoms
we demand justice
no man is above the law
we shall close this nation down


crime scene photos…

several blurred photos
convicted and jailed the man
though they were useless
precedent was established
by the national archives


trump and republican genealogy…

there’s no concern for
the lies that consume men
since it’s not their sons
fighting on the battlefields
their sons learn to tell more lies


no questions please…

the tomb’s been sealed tight
politics over god’s son
money’s to be made
cadillacs to be paid for
so now preachers prefer cash
they prefer trump’s cash
over heavenly rewards
so when they’re preaching
they prefer you just listen
as if trapped in a sealed tomb