the eyes have it…


reflections seen in the mirror are said to be realistic
images that represent the true status of the viewer
but the mirror often lies or is misread for purpose


a different palate option…


cold dark earth with death’s foul breath fills the earth’s lungs and children’s eyes
war’s orphans buried beneath layers of hate and poison gas
wine’s sampled by politicos while the children taste death’s brew


and the river runs deep…


the river is filled with tears hundreds of years of injustice
the judgments of foolish men sentencing all to hell’s abyss
innocence the defendant while those guilty are judges


nightmares or dreams denied…


moonless night when thoughts turn back to what has been but cannot be
old events unchangeable but reassessed in the darkness
how well night conceals our fears the flaws of life gone by dawn


unaccompanied valise diplomatique…


loud outcries filling airways sanctioned murder must be avenged
journalist cut in pieces for suitcases to journey home
who can search diplomatic bags often the law protects crime


who has truly committed crime…


child staring as darkness falls fears soon begin as do the tears
eyes searching the darkened cell hoping to find their parents’ eyes
their crime was the search for freedom but freedom’s dead and buried