national forecast…

national forecast

an old rusted hull
a mythical ship of state
seduced by greed’s song
to the shores of aeaea
where a sailor’s fate awaits




you see some people die…

you see some people die

our eyes are empty
bloody bodies before us
are invisible
if skin color matches earth
or profit margins decrease 
then lives are disposable
sorry has no place
when balancing a spreadsheet
age of the deceased
hasn’t an entry column
so reserve your heartfelt tears
until some social event
cash contributions
will surely make you feel good
and console your soul
while sipping your martini
a social metaphor for
thirty pieces of silver
well in any case
we’ve all seen people die
how soon we forget




decoding parental intent…

while a child prayed...

did you have that prayer before bed
where if i die before i wake was said 
was that telling us to celebrate each day
or some cruel parental messing with a child’s head