10 to 6…

10 to 6

clock’s been locked
in that position for years
thought about rewinding it again
but it always stops at the same spot
like the history of racial freedom

steady as a rock…

steady as a rock...

all those marches
for folks murdered by police
can’t sway the scales of justice
the fulcrum’s rusted
nothing can move it



how to manage children with challenging behaviors…

punishment must be immediate
if it’s going to be effective
every child psychologist knows that
so dear god i recommend
reconsideration of judgement day


deep-seated human rights problems…

crime doesn’t pay
unless you’re building a nation
then everything from murder
to rape is appropriate
to become a superpower


playing by the rules…

life’s full of carnival games
players following the rules
end up
spending more
than the prize is worth



impulses must be arrested
firing patterns altered
from societal inscribed behaviors
otherwise history repeats
and extinction’s accelerated